Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I was feeling bad

I have not written anything in a long long time because I was a bit down on having MS and was rethinking whether I should even be telling people or writing this blog. I attended a few events in late April/early May that made me question why I was doing this. I started writing this blog just to give my thoughts as someone living with MS. And if anyone actually reads this, maybe something I said could help them feel like they aren't alone. But then I started to feel like I should not say anything because I don't have any visible signs of the disease right now. I was introduced to some people by someone I know who has MS and is scooter-bound. And I couldn't help feeling like the people were mad at me when they found out I had MS because their loved one was not ambulatory. And that is soooo not the way I wanted to make anyone feel.

Then I mentioned it at a meeting I attended and after the meeting, someone came up and told me that he too had MS, but had not disclosed it to many people. He also said that he was so thankful that I was so positive and open about the MS and it gave him the courage to maybe tell others too. So I am back writing and hopefully the girls will let me have my computer for enough time during the day to make some posts.